Host Orphans Worldwide

Our Mission: To Bring hope to orphaned children across the world.
Because every child deserves a family.

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What do our families say?

“It was an unforgettable experience. We have grown so much as a family because of this hosting experience. I hope that other families who are hesitant (like we were), find the courage from God to step up and host because it has changed our lives forever for the better.”

Pulci family – New York

“HOW is a fabulous organization that allows families in the United States to provide hope, love, and opportunities for orphans! Working with HOW has changed not only the lives of the children we have hosted, but also our lives as well! We feel so blessed to be connected with this group!”

Kelly family – Alabama

“After following a hosting organization on social media for several years, our family decided to go ahead and do what God was putting so heavy on our hearts: step out in faith and host a child so that they wouldn’t have to spend the holidays in their orphanage. As a family with two young children, we were nervous about hosting a teenage boy, but it turned out to be the best thing that we could have done!”

Pierson family – Texas

“We absolutely loved our hosting experience through HOW! The executive team was always available and so supportive. We learned so much during this process and fell in love with the sweet orphan we hosted. We will definitely be hosting again!”

Davies family – Maine