Host Orphans Worldwide

Our Mission: Bringing hope to orphaned children across the world.
Because every child deserves a family.

About HOW and orphan hosting

Host Orphans Worldwide is a Christ-centered 501(c)3 nonprofit orphan hosting ministry. We believe God’s people are uniquely called and equipped to serve His purposes for orphaned children and to encourage each other in the body of Christ carrying out this mission. We seek to honor Christ and His Word in our effort to serve children through orphan hosting. Our desire is for all children to be in loving families and we trust and believe through prayer, He will guide our paths and decisions. We give God the Glory as we pursue fulfilling His purposes.

Our utmost desire is to reach children that live in orphanages worldwide and see them find their forever families. We work closely with orphanages, interview every child, and set high standards for families to ensure the best fit for each child we host. As a result of the education, training, and support we provide our families, we have established ourselves as a premier orphan hosting organization. HOW offers 4-10 week hosting sessions, either over their Christmas or Summer break.

The HOW team consists of compassionate individuals who have many years of experience with hosting, adoption, and other orphan care ministries. Because of this, we are able to provide support that results in the best possible experience for both our families and their host children. Our Executive Team meets regularly to discuss current needs and we assign a family coach to assist each family through the duration of the hosting session.


150 million

Children without at least one parent

17.6 million

Children that have lost both parents

Estimates don’t include institutionalized, homeless, trafficked, or exploited children


To see orphans across the world placed in stable, loving, Christian families.

All children deserve a family and God’s people are uniquely called and equipped to meet the needs of orphaned and vulnerable children.


To operate the best hosting program, connecting families with children.

The integrity of a hosting program is crucial. HOW offers unparalleled family support and we personally interview every child in our program.