Airport Arrival

Airport Arrival

About Your Host Child’s Airport Arrival

 Where will my child land upon arrival in the USA?

  • Hosting fees include airfare from the childs country to a hub airport across the US. Hub
  • Airports may include, but are not guaranteed to be:
  1. JFK
  2. Chicago
  3. Atlanta
  4. Seattle
  5. Los Angeles
  6. Dallas
  7. Denver

Please check with your team contact regarding the current season’s arrival airports to find out which location is closest to you.

Additional travel to and from your child’s hub airport is the responsibility of the host family. Children may not fly alone from the hub airport forward. If you choose not to drive to the hub airport to meet your child, one host parent must fly to meet and return
with your host child.

NOTE: If you are joining as a host family at the last minute, please be aware that many
airports have waiting lists for large groups of passengers, and we may not be able to accommodate your preferred arrival airport.