Hosting Fees

About Hosting Fees

Hosting fee donation is currently $3000 per child. Discounts for sibling groups and special needs children are available as funds permit.


What do the fees include?

  • Hosting Interviews:  Our volunteer team travels to orphanages worldwide to screen and select host children who have expressed interest in participating in the hosting program. Our goal is to have the opportunity for an interview and screening process in orphanages worldwide.

  •  Transportation:  Round trip transportation for all children and chaperones from Orphanages to destination Airports is included. Any further transportation in the US is the responsibility of the Host Family.
  • Documents:  The fees for your child’s Visa Application Interview, and medical exam at the US Embassy before the arrival of the children. Transportation to and from the US Embassy to obtain all documentation required for travel.

  • Medical:  Medical insurance is provided and included while your child is being hosted, to cover any emergencies or concerns of the host child. (Deductibles and fees may apply to the Host Family). It is encouraged to also check with each physician for any out-of-pocket costs. There are also letters available to provide each physician.

  • Other Support:  Host Orphans Worldwide donates a small portion of hosting fees to Orphanages who incorporate hosting.