Meet the HOW Team

Host Orphans Worldwide is a non-profit orphan ministry run by a dedicated team of volunteers.

Our Volunteers

Executive Team

Janelle Pfeil

Executive Director

Sarah Larsen

Training and Coaching

Clete Mitchell

Family Recruiting

Susan Yost

Board Member

Scott Cooper

Technology Manager

Melissa Besk

Board Member

Support Team

Social Media Manager: Alana Pierson
Social Media Coordinators: Alana Pierson, Gabe Kirkpatrick, Abby Turner
Marketing Coordinators: Talon Pfeil, Alana Pierson
Donor Relations Coordinators: Bethany Wight
Apparel/Store Manager: Heidi Hopp
Family Coordinators: Alana Pierson, Timothy and Laura Johnson
Family Coaches: Helen Henderson, Alana Pierson, Jill Krenzer, Jackie McAdams
Prayer Team: Abby Turner, Timothy and Laura Johnson
Specialists: Sara Cooper, Anna Ramos, Olya Racine
Specialist Assistants: Abby Turner, Rachel Covey, Alana Pierson
IT Assistant: Gabe Kirkpatrick
Event Coordinator: Jill Krenzer